The Blonde. The Beach. The Blog.

The Blonde.

  • Name: Christen. Or HalfPint. Or HalfPint1011. Or BrokeAssChris10.
  • Profession: Accounts Manager / Unicorn Wrangler for The Broke-Ass Bride. Part-time waitress / bartender. Full-time fun lover.
  • Fun Fact: I’ve gotten a tattoo in every state I’ve lived in. Plus one I haven’t lived in.

The Beach.

  • Jax Beach, FL.
  • White Sand.
  • Beach cruisers.
  • Beautiful.

The Blog.

  • What to expect: Appearances from Metro Kitty. Multiple references to whiskey, wine and Champagne. Food adventures, either from my own kitchen or from a restaurant’s. Pretty pictures. Wedding references. Travel whimsy. Potentially hilarious/disasterous DIY.
  • What you won’t see: In-depth exposés about my relationship. A lot of bitching (though there may be some). Recipes that require much fruit or olives or mushrooms.



What Say You?

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