Sensational Sunsets

Man, I’ve see some killer sunsets in my day, but it seems like there’s amazing ones each and every night in Florida. I have yet to make it to the beach to fully witness one there, but the mini-jungle in our current backyard certainly provides a great foreground, as do the rivers and lakes surrounding Fleming IslandImageImageImage

I know this is a fluff post, but things have gotten busy, and really, we’re not located at┬áthe beach — yet. So, bear with me. And just ogle the prettiness in the time being.


Because Life Really Is Better With Sand Between Your Toes. - I'm glad we stay mildly interested in each other's lives

Welp, here I go again. I’ve moved to my 4th state in less than 2 years.

Originally from Wyoming, where the snow is all-engulfing and summer is fleeting, I’ve traversed the country, continually moving more and more south, for reasons that are many and varied. But by way of falling in love and following that love, I’ve finally found myself back at the beach and I couldn’t be more tickled.It’s been about 8 years since I’ve last made my residence by the sea, but Florida is a far cry from my days frolicking on Cape Cod, slinging hot dogs and bloody marys on a whale watch boat. And much has changed in that time, the most notable of which is that I have a job that I love and is a full-fledged career — managing accounts (and wrangling unicorns!) for The Broke-Ass Bride.

My intention for this little corner of the vast Internetz is to share my adventures with sand between my toes, my culinary crusades both in my own kitchen and in the myriad eateries in the Jacksonville area and many other facets of my life, especially in this final year of my 20s.

But as with any new endeavor or adventure, spontaneity and surprise are integral. Let’s see where this little party takes us!